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Media and entertainment are at the forefront of what drives popular culture. At Clear Picture Productions & PR, one of the industry’s top entertainment PR firms, our Entertainment team represents some of Hollywood and the music industry’s biggest stars, and some of the most viewed content, from web series to the hottest TV shows, and award-winning films. Our entertainment PR agency’s specialty is developing consumer activations and communications centered on core values that connect audiences with a brand or celebrity. Once a communications strategy is developed, we use our deep connectivity as an entertainment PR firm across industry verticals from entertainment to tech, retail and consumer to mainstream broadcast media to create relevance, engagement, passion, and attachment that translates to fandom.


High-profile celebrities and athletes rely on Clear Picture Productions & PR to carefully select and maximize the right opportunities to help them build a positive public image. Managing image requires a rare combination of skills including a solid understanding of client needs, an understanding of how to create a broader profile to connect with new fans and, how to map out a career strategy for the long term. At Clear Picture Productions & PR, we understand how to build fan followings and make sure our clients’ stories remain relevant and part of pop culture.



Our team of music publicists assist clients in breaking into the mainstream press and staying there by leveraging high-profile album and single launches, concert tours, award show campaigns, brand relationships and special performances. We activate fans via social media platforms and cross-promote and partner with an array of talent, music award shows, consumer electronics manufacturers, streaming music services, music organizations, and charities. Combined with our concert tour, event, and social media support teams, we deliver the best publicity support for artists in the business.



Our domestic and international publicity teams tailor launch, release, festival and award campaigns for independent film production companies and major film studios. Creating the right image and industry profile for producers worldwide, while supporting sales at key film and television markets, is also one of our specialties.


Consumers have more content choices than ever before. And, while content is still king, audiences are king too. We zero in on niche audiences, incentivize bloggers to write about brands by offering unique angles and access to select events, new launches and partnerships. We tie links and stories to social media profiles on Facebook and other social networks and, to further build excitement for new activities, we service insider information and embeddable video clips to our trusted database of blogger contacts.

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Clear Picture Productions & PR works with some of the best developers and publishers around the world. As an industry-leading gaming PR agency, we connect consumers with games by infiltrating popular culture with tailored activations. We connect our clients with players and fan communities in every way possible. We leverage the power and reach of social media and online influencers, and we utilize our traditional media relations network of thousands of magazine editors and bloggers. And, we make sure we’re everywhere fans are, from tradeshows to our clients’ twitter feeds.



Our Entertainment team has created some of the most innovative and talked about television marketing and public relations campaigns in the industry. Whether launching a new TV network, getting viewers to tune-in for another season, or building audiences through off-air marketing, our team has the credentials, the flexibility, and the proven connections to deliver strategies that engage viewers and keep them engaged.

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Our exclusive FilmFashion division specializes in matching fashion and accessory brands with prominent celebrities to provide heightened brand awareness. FilmFashion focuses on dressing stars for red carpet appearances, securing editorial placements and coordinating product placement with Hollywood’s elite. Our fashion team works year round to obtain exposure for clients at the world’s highest profile events including the Espys, Essence, BET Awards, The Grammys, The Stellar Awards, Black Girls Rock and film festivals including Cannes, SXSW Film Festival, ABFF Film Festival and Sundance.



Both sports and entertainment have huge fan followings. At Clear Picture Productions & PR, we harness the power of sports and entertainment to develop relevant, engaging consumer activations for our clients that connect their brands to these passionate audiences. We represent the world’s leading brands, sports franchises and athletes including Nike, Adidas, Tommie Harris, Mark Clayton, Cato June, Laquon Treadwell, James Harden, Kevin Durant & the Russell Westbrooks Why Not?? Comedy.

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Clear Picture Productions & PR has a wide range of entertainment PR events and red carpet experience that includes event planning, media coverage, celebrity product placements, gift suites, gift bags and, product launches. Our deep knowledge and entertainment red carpet events experience allows us to garner unparalleled media coverage for our clients at events widely recognized as some of the most press-worthy celebrity entertainment events in existence today, including BET Awards, The Grammys, Essence Festival, ABFF, movie premieres, big named film festivals and more.

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